BOC Edwards has announced the release of the HELIOS 6â„¢ gas abatement solution.

Peter Holland, regional business manager for BOC Edwards explained the benefits of his new line saying, $quot;the HELIOS 6 gas abatement solution extends the capability of our HELIOS product line to accommodate higher flow levels and more gas inlets, substantially lowering the overall cost of ownership.$quot;

The products is the latest addition to its HELIOSâ„¢ exhaust gas abatement product line for high hydrogen flow processes, such as Si and SiGe epitaxy, LPCVD tungsten and compound semiconductor MOCVD. With six inlets for process gases, plus an additional inlet for gas box purges or other ancillary operations, the Helios 6 gas abatement solution is based on BOC Edwards' unique inward-fired combustion technology, delivering unprecedented abatement performance at the lowest cost of ownership.

He continued, $quot;High fuel efficiency and no requirement for compressed air contribute additional cost savings when compared to alternative technologies, while our unique combustor is designed to reduce the hydrogen content to safe levels even at the highest flow rates.$quot;