Helium exploration company Helium One Global (Helium One) has begun a new survey at its Rukwa project area in Tanzania, Africa.

The Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) survey will be used to image specific priority areas identified from Phase I and Phase II 2D seismic studies. 

By conducting the survey in the ultra-shallow zone (<200m), the ERT will identify resistivity anomalies and provide additional near surface geology information. 

Commenting on the survey, David Minchin, CEO, said, “With the arrival of the rainy season providing saturated ground conditions ideal for running the ERT survey, results to date have shown interesting resistivity anomalies that justify additional data acquisition, interpretation and evaluation.” 

The shallow nature of the investigation will also help to correlate surface anomalies identified in recently acquired MSS studies with deeper lying structures identified in 2D seismic. 

Helium charge and migration across the prospective area can then be studied. 



With test lines having been ‘satisfactorily completed’ over the company’s Tai prospect, the data acquired has justified continuation of the ERT survey over targets identified in both phases of the seismic campaign. 

Covering an area of around 3,500 km2, the project has seen the company take hold of 15 prospecting licenses