Compressed air and a small amount of helium have been used as the test medium for a cold functional test of China National Nuclear Corporation’s (CNNC) first reactor of the demonstration high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power demonstration project.

Successfully completed on Monday (19th Oct), the compressed air and small amount of helium was pressurised in stages to the maximum test pressure of 8.9MPa for the primary loop pressure boundary strength performance test.

Then the test reduces the pressure to 8.0MPa and holds for more than 24 hours to measure the leakage rate of the primary circuit.

At the same time, the deformation and displacement of the primary circuit pressure vessel under pressure are investigated, and a preliminary judgment is made on the effectiveness of the supporting system.

CNNC said the test results show that all indicators of the first reactor of the demonstration project meet the design requirements, effectively verifying the reliability of the quality of manufacturing and installation of nuclear island equipment for the demonstration project.

Located in Shandong province, CNNC said the project is the first of its kind globally.