Herose Limited (UK) has added the innovative Long-Range cryogenic insulation and ancillaries product line to its portfolio as it meets the demand of a growing customer base.

Herose already supplies complete valve packages and systems to industrial gas cryogenic equipment manufacturers and its users, as well as LNG packages for process plants and shaving stations.

The addition of the Long-Range insulation range enables it to extend an already comprehensive package of products and increasingly become a single source for all valves and accessories. This, Herose adds, ensures a simpler procurement process and reduced total costs.

Long-Range specialise in insulation solutions for cryogenic equipment and piping systems. Its production facility focuses on the manufacture of cryogenic paper and the company’s unique composite range. By specialising in this area, Long-Range is able to make pioneering developments with significant new benefits to its customers, such as reducing installation time, wastage and money.

The new relationship with Herose helps Long-Range expand its products globally, while it allows Herose Limited to further develop its range of specialist products.