As a result of Herose\\$quot;s practices and investment it has grown over the last eight years to become the global leader in the supply of cryogenic valves, selling in over 85 countries.

Since 1996, when Herose opened a new manufacturing facility, growth has allowed it to continue investment. The company doubled its working area in 1999 and has this year extended the facility by 3,600m2, exceeding its growth expectations till 2015. It now has 153 employees.

Herose was awarded a sole supplier agreement by one of the major industrial gas companies in 2004. A dedicated working group managed the development of the associated product range. Subsequently, that group has overseen the introduction of control valves, low temperature closing valves, cold box valves, specialist safety valves and a range of bellow sealed valves for liquid hydrogen and similar applications.

VP Dirk M Zschalich and President Wildried W Zschalich///

All of Herose\\$quot;s new products are life-cycle-tested beyond industry standards at cryogenic temperatures at its facility in the north German town of Bad Oldesloe. The company prides itself on its technology and the quality of its products, considering these to be its key advantages over its competitors.

Local facility guarantee quality
Herose works closely with its suppliers, but all critical components are machined in the company\\$quot;s own factory, allowing total control over their quality. All component and material suppliers are graded and supported to ensure they meet the company\\$quot;s expectations, with over three quarters of today\\$quot;s component suppliers having worked with Herose for more than 10 years.

The company\\$quot;s team of engineers have extensive experience in the fields of valves, research & development and approval requirements. Herose\\$quot;s current projects include trials of new materials, new joining techniques and others aimed at keeping ahead of the industry\\$quot;s specifications. During the next year Herose will be launching other specialist products to develop its vessel, trailer and plant business within the industrial gas industry. The company is confident that new business will not create issues for its existing customer base.

Regional expansion to Americas and Asia
Globally Herose supports its customer base through a network of distributors. This now includes Ratermann Manufacturing in the USA to supply all countries in the Americas. One of Herose\\$quot;s current objectives is to substantially grow its business both in the Americas and Asia.

New products through innovation is a tradition at Herose, not only for products but for manufacturing processes and test equipment. Herose\\$quot;s dedication to manufacturing quality valves since being founded by Theodore Rose in 1873 can best be summed up in company president\\$quot;s Wilfried W. Zschalich\\$quot;s philosophy \\$quot;Our customer\\$quot;s business is our business\\$quot;.

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