Herose GmbH has been working at full speed to meet an increased demand for its products amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Germany company’s specialised valves as used in mobile tanks around the globe, which are currently urgently needed for oxygen during the pandemic.

100% free of oils, grease and other debris, Herose has seen an increase in demand for its valves and cryogenic components.

This is because in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere, oils and greases quickly threaten to self-ignite, Herose explained.

In order to meet both the increased demand for these high-quality components and the safety and health of its employees, Herose has worked at full speed to optimise the work and production processes within a very short time.

Solutions which, where possible, ranged from the home office, through individual shift work models to the installation of hygiene officers.

“I am not only pleased that we have succeeded in implementing these complex restructuring measures in such a short time,” said Dirk Zschalich, Managing Director of Herose Gmbh.

“It fills me with pride, especially with regard to the flexibility of our staff. It is really impressive how each individual contributes his or her best helping to stem the situation.”