Herose is busy demonstrating its range of valve technology and services to industry of late, participating at trade events in Europe and having recently introduced its new cryogenic gate valve to the market.

From 29th September to 4th October 2008, Herose is participating in the ITF-International Technical Fair’ in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, while the company will also be showcasing its safety valves and fittings at the Pumps & Valves event in Antwerp, Belgium from 15th to 17th October.

Herose’s latest developments in safety valves and fittings for industrial applications and cryogenic services will be part of its exhibition.

The company had recently announced the introduction of its 0934X cryogenic gate valve to the market, after it had previously been in development for around one year.

For use in the filling lines of fixed cold evaporators and in cryo-trailers, the valve has many benefits and one of these is the lower loss of pressure in the valve, enabling considerably shortened filling times for the bulk vessel.

The new valve was developed at the wish of both the British Linde subsidiary BOC, and Air Products UK. At Air Products, the first prototypes have now been successfully tested in cryo-trailers.

China certification
Meanwhile, Herose has also received something of a coveted document or seal of approval in recent months.

The certification of safety valves for China directly opens up an enormous market for the company’s products and follows a year-long procedure of application.

In spring 2007, Herose Quality Manager Thorsten Cordes produced a quality management handbook which was specially aimed at Chinese requirements. A sample valve was then produced, which was tested by an institute in Beijing in November 2007. Finally, in December 2007 three employees of the institute travelled to Bad Oldesloe for an audit, in order to carry out a four-day inspection of the production conditions at Herose.

Following this, the path to approval was clear and safety valves currently produced for the Chinese market are proudly labelled with the certificate number TSF700A10-2012.