Herose’s Keith Stewart was honoured for his consistent attendance at AIIGMA events recently, having just completed a Technical Paper focusing on ‘Cryogenic Distribution with Reduced Cost and Increased Performance’.

The presentation highlighted that changing vessel valves to gate valves on larger equipment can, in the correct installations, not only improve and increase valve life but also make annual savings in excess of $225,000 for a user with only 20 trailers.

These benefits may allow larger fleets to downsize, Stewart explained to delegates at AIIGMA’s 33rd SIG, this year held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The presentation also highlighted how equipment suppliers are under price pressure today and asked the question, Are low-cost valves really an economy or a FALSE economy – YOUR DECISION’.

For trailers, the benefit of using Herose valves was highlighted by showing valve systems on trailers after rear-end collisions. This not only showed how the Herose valve system protected the driver and other road users, it also indicated that it can reduce insurance and litigation costs for the industry during these challenging times.

At the event, Stewart was ‘honoured’ to be given a special award by the association for attending no less than 21 AIIGMA Annual Seminars as an Overseas Representative. Until 2010, all of the previous Annual Seminars were held in India.