HES Energy Systems’ AEROPACK hydrogen fuel cell system and mobile hydrogen refuelling system for electric aviation has been given the Efficient Solution label by Solar Impulse Foundation for Switzerland.

HES’ key products are now part of the foundation’s select group of solutions that succeed in combining ecology, social innovation and profitability.

Solar Impulse Foundation’s includes some of the world’s most prominent experts in the fuel of clean energy and aviation. Its committee has concluded on AEOPAK’s positive impact on the environment and society, as well as its economic profitability and technological feasibility.

Hydrogen-powered flights are 100% zero emission, and powering small UAVs and drones is a step towards achieving a consistent reduction of the CO2 emissions coming from today’s aviation, which is still based on kerosene.

Singapore-based HES, has a 12-year history in evolving aviation-focused hydrogen electric propulsion, starting in fixed-wing drones and moving to larger systems.

The company recently announced a 3.5hour endurance HYCOPTER hydrogen multi-rotor drone, powered by AEOPAK. Such products are a precursor to ELEMENT ONE, a hydrogen manned aircraft that applies multiple sets of AEROPAK on its wings in a distributed propulsion set up.

ELEMENT ONE is set to fly for the first time in 2025, while a first transatlantic crossing of a fixed-wing unmanned systems is due to take place in 2021.