Composite cylinder specialist Hexagon Composites has announced it has received a contract worth more than $10m to produce compressed hydrogen (H2) cylinders for new fuel cell electric vehicles.

The Norweigian company did not say what company/companies the tanks will be for, only that they will be for passenger vehicles, and much of the production will be done at Hexagon Lincoln, a subsidiary of Hexagon Composites. The contract is targeted to run until 2020.

President at Hexagon Lincoln, Jack Schimenti, said the nomination confirms the company’s lead position as a high pressure cylinder manufacturer, adding, “The project will leverage Hexagon’s long term investments in Lincoln, Nebraska and recent strategic investment in xperion in Germany and Heath, Ohio. With our global footprint, we have the capabilities to execute the initial deliveries in existing facilities.” 

Last year Hexagon Composites strengthened its operations after entering into an agreement with AVANCO GmbH to acquire its wholly-owned subsidiary xperion Energy & Environment.

xperion is a market leader in Type 4 high pressure cylinders designed for gas transport solutions, including light-duty vehicles and transit buses, and has production plants in Kassel in Germany and Ohio in the US.

In securing xperion’s manufacturing capacity in Germany, Hexagon Composites expanded its position in Europe as well as strengthening its global market presence, broadening its technology portfolio and reinforcing its commitment to the alternative energy space.