Hexagon Composites has received a permit from the United States of Department of Transport (US DOT) for high-pressure vessel hydrogen transport systems.

The US DOT permit authorises the manufacture, marking, sale and use of Hexagon’s 500 and 900 bar cylinders for over-the-road transport modules in the US for hydrogen and other gases.

“The DOT permit is a milestone for the hydrogen refuelling market where higher pressures are sought to move more hydrogen per trailer trip, which is turn reduces the overall price of hydrogen fuel at the pump,” said Hartmut Fehrenbach, Vice President of Hydrogen Distribution of Hexagon.

“This represents a key step to accelerate the ongoing adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles and transformation to a zero-emission and domestically sourced energy landscape.”

The Norwegian company is the first to receive the US DOT permit (SP20391) for 950bar (13,776 psig).

The ability to move 950 bar pressure vessel systems over the road enables the implementation of mobile hydrogen refuelling units for fuel cell electric vehicles using 700 bar on-board storage tanks.

Mobile refuelling units strengthen the expanding hydrogen refuelling network before permanent stations can be established.

Hexagon is designing transport systems for hydrogen for the US, building on Hexagon’s experience and success with hydrogen transport modules already in use with European distribution customers Mobile Pipeline ® transportation modules in use globally with natural gas distribution customers.