The Pipestoppers® Division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT®) have manufactured Accu-Freeze™ - a liquid nitrogen (LN2) pipe freezing system which the company says will “dramatically reduce operating costs”.

The process involves placing an insulated clam shell jacket over the section to be plugged or simply wrapping copper tube around it. The LN2 is then injected into the tube or jacket, forming an ice plug. 

A press release explained the LN2 injections are automated which reduces the operators’ workload and the amount of LN2 consumed, keeping operating costs low. Accu-Freeze can also be operated remotely, which makes it ideal for use inside ‘hot’ nuclear areas where personal exposure must be kept below certain limits.

Luke Keane, Technical Support for HFT said, “We have many plumbing and maintenance companies already switching to our Pipe Freezing Systems due to the significant cost savings attached to the avoidance of draining pipes and systems for repairs.”

“Accu-Freeze isolates the section of pipe or tube, allowing repairs or modifications to be made without loss of fluid and drainage time.”

accu freeze paf pho 38 c pipe freezing jacket

Source: Huntingdon Fusion Techniques