It is not always practical to use inflatable tube and pipe purging systems for a one off purge – so UK-based weld purging innovator, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques® (HFT), has unveiled a different technique to get the job done.

Argweld® Weld Purge FilmTM kits contain completely water-soluble materials, which can be used for open assemblies and closing welds. The film produces an impenetrable purge barrier that washes away when hydrostatically testing the pipe or flushing out.

It aims to save costs by minimising gas usage, namely argon (Ar), and reducing operating times. After welding, the film is dissolved down to molecular level, leaving no trace.

Luke Keane, Distributor Support for HFT, said, “It is so easy to cut a circle of water soluble film and place it a short distance away from the root gap before welding, pasting in place with the Argweld Water Soluble Super Adhesive™ to ensure a tough leak tight barrier, keeping the purging volume to the barest minimum.”

The film aids with purging oxygen (O2) out of the weld zone, to prevent reaction causing oxidation, porosity and loss of corrosion resistance, and can be used on stainless steel, titanium, copper-nickel and zirconium.

Hft purge film apf pho 02 c rear view