Huntington Fusion Techniques ® (HFT) have designed and developed Argweld ® Weld Purge Film® kits that makes weld purging more affordable and more successful.

The water-soluble Weld Purge Film can be used for open assemblies and closing welds, producing an impenetrable purge barrier.

Ron Sewell, Chairman for HFT said, “To obtain a quality purge is not easy and it has been customary to fill pipes with expensive argon gas and keep the gas running at what is thought to be a suitable flow rate for an estimated period of time. In today’s climate of ever improving quality control and increasing demands on procedures with traceability, it is inappropriate to use such hit and miss methods in an attempt to make a satisfactory purge.”

Weld Purge Film will save operators high costs by minimising gas usage and dramatically reducing the time taken to make a purge.

After welding, the water-soluble film is simply washed away during the standard hydrotest cycle or by flushing of the pipe interior and dissolved down to molecular level, leaving no trace.

Argweld Weld Purge film kit

Argweld Weld Purge film kit