The HFT PurgEye® Desk, a new monitor designed and manufactured for inert gas purging, can read oxygen levels from 1,000 ppm, right down to levels as low as 1ppm – ensuring welders achieve perfect oxide free, zero colour welds.

Purg eye api500 pho 03 c in hand

The HFT PurgEye® 500 Desk Weld Purge Monitor

Ron Sewell, Chairman for HFT said, “The PurgEye Desk is for use with Welding Chambers and Enclosures, as well as with Orbital Welding Machines and other Automatic Welding Systems. One huge addition to the PurgEye Desk is our revolutionary PurgeNet™, for the in-line connection of additional accessories that allows the Weld Purge Monitor® to control welding systems based upon oxygen level as well as to provide indications of high and low oxygen levels and even give dew point measurements.”

The rugged, high frequency proof PurgEye Desk has automatic fault-finding diagnostics that can detect and report a number of possible faults. It also features an OLED (organic light emitting diode) display giving brighter, sharper readings at longer distances.

The PurgEye Desk Weld Purge Monitor comes complete with an integral pump to deliver the exhausting purge gas to the measuring sensor on a consistent basis to allow precision control of the welding systems.

The PurgEye Desk is particularly suitable for use in ultra clean conditions, such as in cryogenics, food and drinks, semi-conductor, aerospace, pharmaceutical sectors and other process industries.