UK-based quadrupole mass spectrometer manufacturer Hiden Analytical (Hiden) is marking the 40th year of the company’s involvement in the field of mass spectrometry.

Having started up in 1982 in Warrington, England, Hiden provided the emerging semiconductor fabrication industry with quadrupole mass spectrometers for vacuum processing. 

The company then expanded its offerings into real-time gas analysis systems and products for niche areas such as direct external ion measurement systems for plasma process diagnostics. 

Hiden has also recently developed its product range to address the five main application areas of RGA, gas analysis, catalysis & thermal analysis, plasma characterisation and surface analysis. 

A collaboration between Hiden, its sister company Hiden Isochema, and the University of Birmingham in 1992 saw the company enter the field of microgravimetric gas sorption measurement. 

Its specialty gas applications include a range of its analyser technologies such as the HPR-70, considered ideal for local analysis of bulk gases, and its Compact Gas Analyser, a quantitative gas analysis system configured for continuous analysis of gases and vapours at pressures near atmosphere in standard form. 

Recently the company has expanded its European presence following the creation of Hiden Europe GmbH and is set to strengthen its UK operations with a company expansion to be completed this year.