Air Products’ new fleet of Microbulk Solutions delivery trucks are to be showcased in Chicago this month, equipped with upgraded supply capabilities intended to reduce production downtime and improve operational efficiencies for the growing laser cutting industry through the supply of high purity industrial gases.

Providing an operational solution for laser cutters, the delivery trucks supply high purity nitrogen, oxygen, and argon to meet the demand of high performance laser cutting and welding, and are able to reduce downtime while a facility continues operating - by delivering the product at pressures up to 29 bar.

The new Microbulk trucks are to be rolled out in North America in 2008, but are currently one of the featured offerings to be discussed by Air Products at the FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show 2007, at McCormick Place in Chicago from 11th-14th November.

John Tapley, business development manager of Microbulk for Air Products, commented, “Traditional delivery methods require the storage tank pressure to be blown-down or vented during delivery, resulting in wasted product and production interruptions. This isn’t the case with Air Products’ delivery system. The trucks are also equipped with innovative features such as auto shut-off, which reduces product loss during delivery, and submerged pumps for inert service, which eliminates cool-down and reduces delivery time.”

And the many advantages do not stop there, as Tapley explains, “These cost-effective storage and supply systems can reduce waste by eliminating residual gas returned to your supplier. In other words, you only pay for what you use. The maneuverable delivery trucks can get into tight spaces to supply permanently fixed storage tanks, and with the large-capacity tanks there is reduced delivery traffic to your site, creating a safer work environment for all employees.”

Microbulk systems are available in storage tank sizes ranging from 230 to 2,000 litres and the systems’ supply mode can prevent repeated change-out of cylinders and costly equipment downtime interruptions.