Gaining an edge in dry ice production has become paramount in the industry. Dry ice producers around the globe are discovering the advantages of the world’s first high volume liquid CO₂ to dry ice slab machine.

Manufactured by IceTech the device is the answer to the challenge created by temperature sensitive shipments which call for dry ice production that can be both reliable and responsive to changes in demand. The market needs a solution that gives dry ice plants the ability to capitalize on the flexibility of production, while keeping manufacturing costs at a minimum.

IceTech not only understands the importance of reducing production costs while maintaining output, but has overcome this challenge with the unparalleled rotary design of the SL1000. With the ability to produce up to 1161 high density slices per hour with the unique carousel design, the SL1000 offers a high quality, high volume consistent airline cut.

As the World’s first and only high volume liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO₂) to dry ice slab machine, the SL1000 has shown a reduction in manufacturing costs per ton up to 12% from traditional reforming in several dry ice facilities. With reforming, both a pelletizer and conveyor system is needed in addition to the reformer.

Dry ice plants have found that the utilization of each piece of machinery creates an exponential increase in energy consumption. By directly producing the airline cut, the SL1000 gives these plants the correct size without exploiting excessive amounts of their facility’s energy.

Many dry ice manufacturers have seen a reduction of up to 25% of manufacturing costs with the SL1000 over producing and sawing blocks. Sawing blocks can create a waste of 25-30% in unrecoverable sawing losses. This can be eliminated by producing the right cut from the start.

By producing a consistent airline cut, waste from sawing is eliminated. These ice plants are able to get the most from their LCO₂.

Countless dry ice production facilities have found that producing the airline cut initially has increased the safety in the plant. Sawing blocks can create a dangerous environment for personnel, as they are exposed to the saw when loading the dry ice blocks to be cut. By creating the airline cut directly, dry ice facilities have found that workers are less likely to encounter production related accidents.

Dry ice production plants have found that the turnkey solution with the SL1000 works well within their facility. It can easily integrate into a current packaging line. IceTech has designed customizable packaging systems to meet the goals of several production sites who have found the integration to be an asset for their facility.

IceTech can integrate the SL1000 with a dry ice plant’s LAN or internet, allowing the facility to monitor the efficiency onsite or anywhere in the world. The SL1000 includes a color touch display that is optimized for easy control and allows slice thickness to be changed quickly and without production stops.

Production equipment that provides waste reduction as well as flexibility in production is needed in order to increase profitability from temperature sensitive shipments. The SL1000 meets the market’s demand by supplying a solution that is both adaptable and cost effective.

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