In 2018 Germany developed 17 new public hydrogen refuelling stations, the country now has the second largest public hydrogen refuelling infrastructure globally.

Japan currently has the most hydrogen refuelling stations with a total of 96, Germany is second with 60 facilities, with the US taking third place with 42 stations.

Globally, a total of 42 hydrogen refuelling stations were opened last year (2018).

By the end of 2018 there were 60 accessible hydrogen stations in Germany, with plans in place for a further 38 dedication locations of which 34 will be built by the H2Mobility Germany industry initiative. 

In Northern Germany, three hydrogen refuelling stations are to be supplied by hydrogen generated in nearby wind farms by electrolysis.

The past year saw increasing activities particularly in the use of hydrogen as fuel for trucks. In addition to Nikola Motor and Hyundai, Toyota is also working on the development of fuel cell-powered trucks and their refuelling structure in the US.