Highview Power has appointed Adrian Katzew as its new CEO, effective 1st January 2022.

Founder and former CEO of Zuma Emnergía, Katzew will help the company to build out its project pipeline, construct new plants and expand its capabilities in the global market.

On 1st October, Katzew will join the Highview Power team as Deputy CEO and CEO Designate. From this date, he will undergo a three-month transition period.

During the transition period, Javier Cavada, current CEO of Highview Power, will support Katzew, along with the company’s Chairman, Colin Roy.

When Katzew assumes his CEO role in January, Cavada will step down from his executive responsibilities but continue to serve as a Non-Executive Director on the Highview Power Board.

Excited about his new role, Katzew said, “We are currently witnessing an unprecedented transformation of energy systems across the globe for renewable energy sources, and Highview Power’s long duration storage is a critical piece of the solution.” 

“Highview Power’s liquid air energy storage technology is positioned to be a catalyst for decarbonisation and to be one of the global energy storage leaders in driving energy transition forward. I am impressed by the Highview team and board and look forward to leading the company in this critical next phase.”

Cavada, added, “It has been an honour to lead this company and bring it from R&D into full scale commercialisation. As the company moves into a stage of large growth, it is the perfect time for a leader who can capitalise on all the progress we have made, and I believe Adrian has the experience, skills and passion to take us there.”