Energy storage solutions company Highview Power has been awarded the Driving Innovation Award at this year’s UK-Spain Business Awards.

Hosted by the UK Department of International Trade, the awards celebrate the trading relationship between Britain and Spain and recognises companies that strengthen this bond.

Commenting on Highview Power’s award, Javier Cavada, CEO and President of Highview Power, said, “We are honoured to be recognised for our efforts. This recognition symbolises the importance of building strong relationships across borders.”

“It is also a testament to the need for more innovative technologies, like our CRYOBattery™, to address climate change and contribute to a world powered by 100% clean energy.”

Highview Power’s proprietary cryogenic energy storage technology utilises air liquefaction, in which ambient air is cooled and turned to liquid at -196 °C (-320 ˚F). The liquid air is stored at low pressure and later heated and expanded to drive a turbine and generate power.

The innovation is the only long duration energy storage solution available today that is locatable and can offer multiple gigawatt-hours (weeks) of storage. The CRYOBattery™ has a small footprint and is scalable with no size limitations or geographic constraints, allowing for the deployment of massive amounts of renewables.