Highview Power Storage, a developer of large-scale energy storage solutions that uses cryogenic liquids, has entered its energy storage system into the New York energy ecosystem.

The UK-based company’s Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) technology has been entered into ACRE, New York City’s business incubator for smart cities, smart grid and clean energy at the Urban Future Lab (UFL), part of the New York University Tandon School of Engineering.

The Future Labs is the first public-private partnership with New York City and is focused on creating a sustainable incubation programme, tasked with increasing the success rate of new ventures and generating economic impact.

Highview process plant

Highview liquid air storage plant

Source: Highview Power Storage

Utilising the basic principles of Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES), Highview offers a cryogenic energy storage solution that draws from established processes from the industrial gas, turbo-machinery and power generation sectors.

The technology uses off peak or excess electricity to turn air into a liquid by refrigerating it down to cryogenic temperatures of -196°C and storing it in insulated tanks at low pressure.

When that power is required again, the liquid air is drawn from the tanks and pumped to a high pressure. Heat harnessed from the liquefaction process is applied to the liquid air via heat exchangers and an intermediate heat transfer fluid.

The liquid expands by about 700% when it evaporates, producing high pressure air gas. This high volume of liquid is then forced through a turbine to generate electricity.

Highview’s CEO Gareth Brett said the company was looking forward to the growth that this entry into the New York energy ecosystem will bring and said the company will continue to scale up its operations in the “key” US market for LAES.

Pat Sapinsley, Managing Director of Cleantech Initiatives at the UFL, stated that the US market is ready for solutions such as Highview’s and stated, “A vital part of future innovation in the smart cities, smart grid and clean energy space is energy storage. Highview Power provides storage at no technology risk and very low cost, making easy attainable at grid scale.”