High Pressure Equipment Company (HiP), a subsidiary of Graco Inc., has released a remote-control unit for its eTensifier™ high pressure electric pump system.

The first-of-its-kind high pressure electric pump system plugs into the wall outlet without the need for an air compressor like other high-pressure pumps on the market and is standardly equipped with a 12-foot cord.

The remote feature is designed for applications where it is suitable to mount the controller separately from the pump system, such as where the pump system is installed within a cabinet or a small room, when the pump is used to test high pressure products and where hazardous materials are being pressurised. 


Source: High Pressure Equipment Company (HiP)

Weighing only 46lbs, the portable and lightweight eTensifier can deliver hydraulic/liquid pressures up to 36,500 psi with a flow rate from zero to full pressure and quiet electric motor.

The eTensifier features an industry-first pressure test mode that allows users to set a defined pressure and leave the device, as well as a quick-connect system for exchanging pump lowers to facilitate routine maintenance.