A company’s willingness to hire out food packaging equipment has been met with customer appreciation and affords the short-term benefits of lower start-up costs, rather than buying outright at large expense.

Longstanding customer Lyons Seafood chose Packaging Automation’s services to hire a semiautomatic PA182MAP-F machine to launch a new range of marinated prawns, sold in retail outlets throughout the UK.

The PA182MAP-F machine is popular throughout the food industry for a number of reasons, capable of achieving less than 1% residual and accommodating nitrogen, CO2 and oxygen gas mixtures. Robust construction, ease of use, reliability and flexibility are all key factors in the product’s success, as well as its compact design which minimises the space required and allows for easy transportation to accommodate changes in production.

As a Packaging Automation customer, Lyons is enjoying the benefits of hiring rather than buying and was happy to use the company when it needed a machine to launch its new modified atmosphere prawn packs.

Graham Jelfs, Lyons manufacturing director, said, “We have a good relationship with Packaging Automation and have always liked their approach as well as the level of service they give. The PA182MAP-F we are using is robust, simple and, in production terms, delivers the throughput we need for a low cost capital outlay.”

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is an increasingly popular packaging technique within the food industry and the ability to hire out such equipment clearly has its advantages.

“The ability to hire means that we minimise risk when launching new products. And the straightforward design means that when we need to change something it is a relatively easy process,” Jelfs added.

Discussing the merits and financial advantages of hiring MAP technology products, Packaging Automation sales engineer Jonathan Mildred commented, “Time and again customers are responding very favourably to our hire deals, especially in situations like this where new products are being launched. This facility has also proved popular with small companies or those with seasonal product lines who do not want to commit to outright purchase.”