Hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA) has welcomed the Federal Opposition’s commitment to establish a $1bn plan to support the Australian hydrogen sector.

The National Hydrogen Plan announced it will assist the hydrogen industry through support on infrastructure projects, and research and development (R&D) to grow the hydrogen economy.

“Hydrogen is being recognised globally as central to the world’s energy transition and Australia could play a significant role in its development,” said Hydrogen Mobility Australia, CEO, Claire Johnson.

“With our natural advantages in renewable energy, Australia can be a hydrogen powerhouse producing hydrogen for our own international economies to power zero emission vehicles and other applications.”

“With both sides of federal politics throwing their support behind hydrogen combined with various commitments at the state and territory government level, the support needed to position Australia as a lead in this space is being realised.”

“Industry is excited about the opportunity hydrogen presents for Australia and looks forward to working with all stake holders to support the economy-wide application of clean hydrogen,” Johnson continued.

HMA is also participating in the development of the National Hydrogen Strategy which was approved by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in December 2018. The strategy will outline a pathway to develop an Australian hydrogen sector, including exploring the opportunity to build hydrogen refuelling stations in every state and territory.