Hobart Brothers, an Ohio-based manufacturer of filler metals, solid wires and stick electrodes has shared a coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

In a statement released yesterday the company said, “Due to the impact of novel COVID-19 on the world, we want to give you a brief update on our actions at Hobart.” 

“We want to assure our customers, suppliers and partners that our officers and manufacturing facilities remain open.” 

“Our production continues, and we are working hard to continue processing all orders and minimise any disruptions during this ever-changing situation.” 

The company said that it has limited face-to-face contact and meetings and instead will be happy to assist via phone, skype or video conference.

Hobart has assured customers that its plants will continue to both produce and ship high-quality filler metals to meet customer demands and have contingencies in case of COVID-19 spread that will allow the company to maintain its production schedules.

“Our goal is to protect our employees, while also providing consistent service to our valued customers.”

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