Sustainable building solutions company Holcim has partnered with energy expert Eni to repurpose carbon dioxide (CO2) captured from Holcim’s operations into its green cement.

The partners are working together to examine the storage potential of a widely available mineral called olivine which, when loaded with CO2, could be used as a low emission raw material used in Holcim’s green cement. 

This olivine-based green cement could help decarbonise the notoriously hard-to-abate construction sector in addition to boosting the partners’ net zero ambitions. 

Monica Spada, Head of Research & Technological Innovation, Eni, stated that innovation and technological development are the ‘strategic keys’ to tackling the challenge presented by the energy transition. 

“For this we are delighted about this collaboration, which will leverage Eni’s R&D expertise and Holcim’s experience,” she added. 

Holcim is aiming to accelerate its decarbonisation efforts by mapping out its most relevant sites in Europe to conduct industrial-scale pilot projects.