An innovative home-heating system fueled by water has provided a glimpse of the cleaner energy economy of the future and demonstrates how efficient, greener energy resources could prove practical around the household.

Although only a concept at present and not available for sale, the Aqueon H20 powered fireplace runs on water and can either be connected into the household plumbing or simply filled with a tank of water. The built-in electrolysis system separates the water into its two components, with the hydrogen immediately burned to produce the fireplace and the oxygen used in limited amounts to add flame colour and brightness. The remaining oxygen is then released into the room.

In addition to being arguably the cleanest burning fireplace around, the Aqueon is thought to generate 31,000 British Thermal Units (BTU) of heat per hour, from just half a gallon of water.

The technology has primarily been designed to highlight the clean energy potential we could be embracing in the future, as the company's website explains, $quot;Due to the complexity of the technology necessary to operate the Aqueon, it is not available for purchase at this time. The purpose of the Aqueon is to demonstrate the potential of alternative fuels and provide a glimpse of what the future may hold for hearth products.$quot;