A new 4-page, 4-color XD SINGLE GAS DETECTOR
brochure highlighting the rugged, portable single gas detector with IP66/67 rating, data logging and docking with an automatic test and calibration system was released by Honeywell Analytics.

The literature highlights the XD Single Gas Detector's reliable,
practical and economical performance. The literature details the units' availability to detect toxic gases, including
H2S, CO, O2, SO2, PH3, CI2, NH3 and HCN in an easy-to-read LCD display. The XD is designed for the most adverse conditions, offers a wide range of user selectable options and can monitor a variety of toxic hazards as highlighted in the brochure.

The literature also describes how the XD warns of the gas hazards present.

Honeywell Analytics offers a wide range of gas detection devices to suit all types of applications and industries.