Honeywell has joined forces with the Defence Research Development Organisation (CRDO), the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research–Indian Institute of Petroleum (CSIR–IIP) and the Government of India to scale up oxygen production in India as the country continues to fight the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Announcing the collaboration on Monday (15th June), Honeywell said it will supply molecular sieve adsorbents across the country to help accelerate the set-up of medical oxygen plants to meet increased demand.

The company’s range of molecular sieve adsorbents are used frequently used in large medical oxygen plants. Honeywell also offers OXYSIV™ molecular sieve adsorbents that help make smaller and more energy-efficient medical oxygen concentrators. 

Commenting on its’s efforts, Dr. Akshay Bellare, President, Honeywell India, said, “Honeywell is committed to helping India address the current pandemic and is making every effort to find meaningful ways to engage with the Government of India in the fight to save lives.”

“We are shipping our global supply of Honeywell UOP adsorbents from Italy to India to help the Government of India install life-saving oxygen plants across the country. Our technologists and scientists are collaborating with DRDO and CSIR-IIP scientists to solve for India’s needs.”

Honeywell has instituted a cross-functional team to support DRDO and CSIR-IIP in the critical project. Scientists from Honeywell UOP, DRDO and CSIR-IP are collaborating to establish the suitability of absorbents for oxygen production in India.

On the collaboration, Dr. Satheesh Reddy, Secretary, Department of Defence R&D, and Chairman of DRDO, said, “Excellent cooperation is extended by Honeywell in application and supply of zeolite, an important constituent of Medical Oxygen Plants (MOP). This is helping industries to fabricate medical oxygen plants.”