According to Reuters, Honeywell Analytics have launched a new gas detection device for monitoring gases in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The Signalpoint Pro is an intrinsically safe (IS) certified gas detector that offers a low-cost solution for the detection of oxygen, hydrogen, sulphide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, ammonia and nitrogen dioxide.

Suited to a range of indoor and outdoor applications, the device detects the gases in an IS two wire 4-20mA format.

This wiring configuration makes the device ideal for retrofitting other two wire IS devices, including the Sieger Series 2000 range of two wire IS toxic gas detectors.

It’s smart gas sensors are automatically recognised when plugged into the detector, and access to the sensor does not require opening the main terminal housing, therefore reducing down-time during sensor replacement procedures.

Full scale gas range and span calibration points can be adjusted to suit individual requirements, making the device flexible and suited to a wide range of applications.

Other benefits include a magnetically activated switch, permitting initiation of calibration and test routines without opening the enclosure or having to obtain a hot work permit; and on-board diagnostics which provide fault and warning codes on the display.