Honeywell Analytics has produced a new piece of literature which shows how the XNX universal gas transmitter works.

The four colour, eight- page literature graphically shows how the XNX operates with all major industrial communication protocols, including Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus and HART.

The literature describes how the XNX is designed to help protect people, property and the environment from toxic and combustible gases in petrochemical and industrial environments, including exploration and drilling platforms, production platforms, onshore oils and gas terminals, refineries and chemical plants, power plants, wastewater facilities and utility plants.

Also included in the brochure is a section of Installation Details, which lists the enclosures availability in stainless steel or aluminium, with a marine-grade coating; as well as five threaded ports, available in metric of NPT versions, and ruggedized mounting options that provide ultimate installation flexibility.

According to Honeywell, with XNX and supporting technologies, virtually all gases used in the oil and gas industry can be detected by a single platform system.