A Honeywell UOP 200-million-cubic-foot-per-day cryogenic gas processing plant will extract natural gas liquids from natural gas produced in several countries in the Permian Basin, US.

Honeywell on Tuesday (18th May) said that it had received an order from Navitas Midstream Partners for the design and supply of the plant, equipped with refrigeration and dehydration units.

The plant uses Ortloff™ Recycle Split Vapor (RSV) technology to recover high-value ethane and propane from natural gas.

Cryogenic gas processing plants cool natural gas until the heavier and more valuable natural gas liquids form into liquids. These liquids, including propane, ethane and butanes, can then be used as fuels, fuel blending components and other valuable petrochemicals. 

Commenting on the order, David Dickinson, Midstream Business Director at UOP, said, “Navitas Midstream selected this design because it combines the most advanced Ortloff technologies with the quality of UOP equipment.”

“We’re delivering a plant that’s designed to reliably recover natural gas liquids at high rates from the rich feed gas composition in the Permian Basin.”

UOP’s pre-engineered modular equipment can be tailored to customer specifications and shipped to remote locations. Modules fit together easily and efficiently, thereby reducing construction time and expense, and enhancing reliability after start-up.