Honeywell has released a new Bluetooth-enabled fixed gas detector for commercial and light industrial applications.

The wall-mounted Sensepoint XCL line of detectors monitors for hazardous levels of oxygen, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and other flammable gases.

The devices enable users to wirelessly perform tasks via its Bluetooth capability from up to 33-feet away and has been designed for use in commercial-industrial operations such as in fuel stations, warehouses and hospitals.

When paired with a smartphone, Sensepoint allows a single installer to commission, maintain and manage the detector. It also simplifies the generation of system reports needed for regulatory compliance.

Duncan Gooch, Product Manager for Honeywell Industrial Safety, explained, “Commercial and industrial businesses rely on gas monitoring technology to keep people safe and operations running smoothly without interruption.”

“Controlling the detector from a mobile device not only makes the devices easier to install and maintain, it allows users to quickly and easily produce reports needed to meet safety and environmental regulations.”