Honeywell has unveiled a new gas detection solution to help semiconductor fabrication facilities and other operations monitor jobsites and protect workers and assets while reducing downtime.

The Vertex™ Edge allows workers to quickly evaluate gas readings, alarms, event logs, real-time trends and overall system status. It also includes an easy-to-use touchscreen that features large display icons that makes navigation easy.

Vertex Edge_GunMetal_Grey

Source: Honeywell

Offering flexible gas sampling in one modular system, the Vertex™ Edge enables users to start with eight sampling points for continuous gas detection and add up to 72 as requirements change. 

The unit uses Chemcassette® technology to help ensure extended life. Additionally, the Vertex™ Edge indicates the presence of gas quickly and definitively with a physical record – evidenced by a colour change on chemically treated tape.

Renaud Mazarguil, President of Honeywell’s Gas Analysis and Safety Business, said, “Protecting worker health and safety is a top priority and with Honeywell Vertex™ Edge, workers can get quick and definitive gas readings on the jobsite.”

“This innovative gas detection solution helps workers and safety managers maintain confidence that their toxic gas management system is keeping their operations safe and running smoothly.”