Beijing HyPower Energy Technology is going to deploy Honeywell UOP’s technologies to supply high-purity hydrogen for fuel cells in China.

Through the agreement, HyPower has said it will adopt a range of Honeywell solutions including Polybed™ pressure swing adsorption, thermal swing adsorption and other adsorption-based technologies to purify hydrogen fed into fuel cells.

“UOP’s hydrogen purification technologies can further enhance operational reliability by providing a stable source of high-purity hydrogen,” said Bryan Glover, Vice-President and General Manager, Honeywell UOP Process Technologies.

Honeywell UOP will also provide services, equipment and adsorbents needed for fuel cell projects.

“As a leader in supporting the hydrogen energy economy across China, we are proud to work with Honeywell UOP, a leading provider of hydrogen technologies over the world to meet the growing demand for hydrogen fuels.”