Recent months have seen HORIBA and fellow group company Horiba STEC hold a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the new HORIBA Advanced Technology Centre.

A dedicated base for the group’s R&D in the field of semiconductor technology, construction of the new centre began in 2013 with the intention of establishing an expanded space to install a new clean room and laboratory at the east side of Horiba STEC. Horiba’s function to develop and produce semiconductors had so far been separated across four locations, but will now be integrated into this one new centre.

The single site aims to enhance efficiency with an integrated system to produce the semiconductor sensor which forms the heart of analysing equipment from the preliminary process to the film-forming/MEMS process and implementation. Further still, Horiba intends to fuse it with the fluid control technology owned by Horiba STEC in order to accelerate technical developments.

The group is also understood to be constructing a gas measuring technology production base on the shore of Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture. Horiba Chairman and President Atsushi Horiba explained during the new R&D centre’s opening, “The completion of the Advanced Technology Centre has attained a thorough realisation of the R&D, design and self-production of semiconductor sensors of our core technology.”

“Together with the technology centre which was completed in Fukuchiyama in the year before last, and the gas measuring technology production base under construction now on the shore of Lake Biwa, we will reinforce the HORIBA group as we bring three bases in sync.”