With 450,000 tourists expected in South Africa for the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup, the hospitality industry is bracing itself.

Estimates anticipate 28 million meals to be consumed by tourists during the period. Kevin Munro from Afrox, commented, “To help our clients in the hospitality industry fulfil this massive task to world class standards, Afrox has prepared a unique three-pronged Sureserve gas solution.”

“We are the only company providing our Handigas (LPG), Suremix (beverage dispensing gas) and Partigas (helium for floating decorative balloons) brands through an efficient delivery, one-account service offer.”

Afrox Handigas is a leading source of heating energy in the hospitality business. Similarly, Afrox Suremix, produces a range of food grade beverage dispensing gases. In addition, it provides controlled storage and dispensing of all draught beers, soda fountain soft drinks, non-carbonated wines and fruit juices.

Meanwhile, Afrox Partigas inflates balloons for corporate functions, branding and stadium events.

Munro stated, “Our fleet is already geared up to support rapid order processing and we’re making sure that we have an adequate number of cylinders to service the anticipated increase in demand, with an immediate injection of more than 2000 large and small size cylinders into our Suremix business over the next two months and a further investment in 48kg and 9kg Handigas cylinders prior to June.”

Afrox will be taking orders and receiving deliveries outside of business hours. Customers can contact technical support through their call centre on +44 (0) 860 02 02 02.