International bioenergy system supplier, HoSt, has secured a contract to construct the turnkey anaerobic digestion (AD) plant at the Stanton Recycling site in Ilkeston, UK.

Through the treatment of green waste and liquid food waste for Stanton Energy, the facility is expected to produce more than 3.5m Nm3 of biomethane for gas grid injection and distribution.

With millions of tonnes of waste generated in the UK each year, the company are aligning their project with the future UK government’s strategy of the Green Gas Levy. The levy aims to increase biomethane ‘green gas’ production and injection into the gas grid.

Speaking about the project, Sjaak Klein Gunnewiek, Sales Manager Biogas Projects at HoSt, commented, “We are proud to work together with Stanton Energy and look forward to supplying our technology to tackle this waste management challenge and contribute to achieving national energy transition goals.”

Processing up to 40,000 tonnes of mainly liquid food waste and green waste by means of anaerobic digestion and membrane biogas upgrading technology, the facility is equipped with digestate separation and pasteurisation technology.

Cadent, the UK’s largest gas distribution network, will supply over 2,300 families with this renewable fossil natural gas alternative.

Thomas Bruckner, project developer of Stanton Energy, said, “This is an important development for Stanton Recycling to address two key future-proofing agenda items, and we are extremely pleased to realise our first project together with HoSt.”

Starting in October this year, we will process up to 40,000 tons of green waste, food waste, grease, grass, pruning waste and maize silage. Biomethane will be of importance to help decarbonise the UK.”

“Based on our experience in Stanton we are keen to realise further projects together with HoSt in 2021 and 2022.”

Creating several biogas plants in the UK, Dutch company HoSt intend to contribute to a circular economy via the use of a wide range of bioenergy systems, including maintenance service contracts.