Ford Motor Company is hoping to break the land speed record for a hydrogen car this August on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, in the US.

After ten years of research into hydrogen fuel cells for cars, they believe that they are ready to unleash the Ford Fusion into the world, and do it in style - by breaking a world record. They have engineered this car in conjunction with Ballard (Hydrogen fuel cell producers), Roush (car builders) and Ohio State University.

The cars full name is the Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999, and is one of two vehicles Ford's fuel cell research team is helping to prepare to set world land speed records. They are also working on the Buckeye Bullet 2 with students from at Ohio State University, and will compete for a similar world record at the Bonneville Speed Week in August.

$quot;Racing is part of Ford Motor Company's DNA, so it seemed only natural for us to build a fuel cell race car that runs on hydrogen, a fuel that could someday play a key role in meeting the energy needs of the transportation sector,$quot; said Gerhard Schmidt, vice president, Research & Advanced Engineering for Ford Motor Company.

The company already has a fleet of 30 hydrogen powered Focus fuel cell vehicles on the road as part of a worldwide, seven-city program to conduct real world testing of fuel cell technology. The 30-car fleet has accumulated more than 540,000 miles since its inception in 2005