Responsive Respiratory’s new, improved O2 To Go! Cylinder Duration Calculator App provides the answer to “How long will my cylinder last?” and much more.

The O2 To Go! App is downloadable to all smartphones via the iTunes or Android Marketplace at no charge by searching for ‘Responsive Respiratory’ or ‘cylinder duration calculator.’

The updated app features the full range of oxygen cylinders, from M4 to 300 cu/ft T cylinder, and regulating devices, from conservers to pediatric through EMS regulators.

“We saw the need to include not only those products related to our core DME customers, but to also include the information essential to the pre-hospital market and other specialty markets Responsive services,” said Tom Bannon, Responsive Respiratory President.

Additional options include all 25lpm EMS regulator flows, larger cylinders capacity, and a decimal to fraction conversion chart for pediatric regulators. The app also features an updated user interface and compatibility with the latest version of iOS software for an even faster user experience.

Designed as a go-to source for oxygen users, be it a medical professional such as a Respiratory Therapist, Technician, Provider, or Emergency Medical Professional or an oxygen therapy patient, O2 To Go! Cylinder Duration Calculator is the solution to effectively managing available oxygen. Based on the user input of device, litre flow setting, cylinder size and contents, the cylinder duration calculator instantly displays the duration of available oxygen in hours and minutes.

As quoted in the initial release of the O2 To Go! Cylinder Duration Calculator Bannon states, “The O2 To Go! App is a natural extension in the expansion of our customer-centric focus and role as the High Pressure Oxygen Experts.”

The O2 To Go! Mobile App complements Responsive Respiratory’s full line of oxygen delivery, transport and storage solutions.