As an independent, family-owned company, founded in Hamburg in 1946, HOYER provides continuity both in its corporate policies and the quality of its services.

The company is specialised in bulk logistics right from the start, and over the years has expanded to become a global logistics service provider.

Complex solutions are being developed and implemented, in particular for the chemical, petrol, food and gas industries. HOYER operates in industries which demand a maximum degree of reliability and quality in terms of safety and the environment – two highly sensitive parameters.

The handling of gases calls for considerable experts, in order to understand how gases behave, what reactions they undergo – and how dangerous these can be. All of which are challenges that HOYER is more than happy to meet.

The HOYER Business unit ‘Gaslog’ is well positioned as a worldwide logistics services and equipment supplier to all gas producers worldwide.

The range of individual services comprises the transportation of bulk gases and gas cylinders, container and trailer rentals, as well as maintenance, repair and refurbishment - including full fleet management. HOYER also implements entire outsourcing concepts for a number of European gas producers, providing a complete service of customised consulting, planning and execution of all the logistical steps, and satellite-based tracking systems.

Stringent standards
Quality and safety are HOYER’s top priorities, with its certified SHEQ-System guaranteeing responsible and qualified handling – and comprehensive safety standards.

The company is always planning ahead and striving to fulfil its obligations, while at the same time minimising risks and costs – with the aim to deliver the product to the consignee on time and in excellent quality.

Stringent HOYER standards within the network of its technical workshops and partner operations, together with ongoing training of drivers and employees, are the foundation of its top safety standards.

HOYER’s large selection of special purpose equipment allows the company to respond quickly and flexibly to the demand of its customers, and in turn, of their products.

An ultramodern gas fleet of special purpose trailers, cryogenic gas containers and containers for pressurised liquefied gases, has all the necessary national and international approvals – such as IMO, ADR, RID, TIR, USDOT and others.

In addition, various working pressures, different capacities and sizes, optimised volumes and tare weights can all be offered according to the customer requirements and geographical locations. HOYER tank containers are suitable for a wide range of cryogenic gases, including nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, N2O, LNG, ethylene, and helium.

Furthermore, the T50 (IMO5) fleet can transport pressurised liquefied gases like ammonia, butane, propane, LPG or refrigerants.

An experienced global partner
HOYER maintains close relations with both customers and manufacturers in order to exchange know-how and the latest technical findings. This ensures that the equipment used for gases is always state-of-the-art.

The customers therefore profit from a network which extends across more than 80 countries worldwide, with units based not just in Europe, but also beyond – competent transport operations extend throughout Eastern Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

The advantage: short distances and trouble-free, door-to-door transport operations which are reliable, fast and efficient.

Decades of experience in handling all kinds of different gases make HOYER a competent and reliable partner.