Transport and logistics service provider HOYER Group has expanded its intermediate bulk container (IBC) business by purchasing certain crucial assets of a major tank container rental company.

Under the deal, the Hamburg-based business has taken over France-based CCR’s brand and its IBC leasing activity, opening up new markets and geographies for Hoyer.

The acquisition will see CCR’s fleet of 14,000 containers added to the 27,000 vessels in HOYER’s IBC fleet. CCR also offers additional services in the container leasing field like management, transport, cleaning, maintenance and repair, which will strengthen HOYER’s offering.

Through the acquisition, HOYER will augment its market position in Europe and will gain synergies to develop its activities in China and the US. CCR’s strong presence in the cosmetics industry will also allow HOYER, whose IBC logistics mainly focus on the chemicals and food industries, to access a new market segment.

Stephanie Muhs, Head of IBC Logistics at HOYER, signified, “We are delighted to have the CCR company on board, which also represents high-quality solutions. An especially pleasing aspect is that CCR’s employees, who were already working in the IBC segment in Paris, Seattle and Kempen and possess enormous know-how, are now part of the HOYER team.”

The CCR business will form part of HOYER’s newly-created Netlog business unit, where the group has focused its asset management operations since January 2016. Financial details were not disclosed.

HOYER has been a leading bulk logistics provider since 1946. Today, it owns around 2,400 trucks, 2,900 road tankers, 27,200 IBCs, 37,200 tank containers and numerous logistics installations with depots, cleanings plants and workshops.