Bulk logistics service provider HOYER Group (HOYER) has expanded its range of solutions for providing clean alternative fuels such as hydrogen to the European service station network.

Advancing its efforts to accelerate the energy transition, HOYER aims to positive itself as a pioneer in ‘intelligent inventory’ management of hydrogen fuels at service stations. 

With green hydrogen considered key to achieving net zero emission targets within several hard-to-abate sectors such as transport, the lack of hydrogen refuelling facilities in the UK has come under increasing scrutiny. 

According to UK H2 Mobility, there are currently just 14 hydrogen stations in the UK for fuel cell powered electrically propelled vehicles. 

By offering automated, prediction-based product inventory management and supply logistics for hydrogen, HOYER aims to increase the amount of service stations that are equipping their sites to include hydrogen refuelling facilities. 

“We can now provide service station network owners with our management services both for fossil fuels and also for alternative fuels,” stated Richard Thompson, Commercial Director, Gas & Petroleum Logistics, HOYER Group.

“We undertake prognostic planning and full implementation for both product types, all from a single source, and of course with product-specific expertise.”

Hydrogen supply to industrial users has become a major global business, with demand skyrocketing to over 70 million tonnes per year by 2018. 

Responsible for around 830 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year, opportunities have arisen to clean up the hydrogen industry by producing the gas via renewable methods such as electrolysis using renewably generated power. 

According to PwC, hydrogen production costs are set to decrease by around 50% through 2030.