Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation (HTEC) has partnered with Shell to open Canada’s first retail hydrogen (H2) station in Vancouver later this year.

The station will be the first in a six-station network HTEC is building in Greater Vancouver and Victoria to enable the deployment of the first 1,000 zero-emission H2 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) in British Columbia (BC).

HTEC will build out BC’s retail H2 fuelling network over the next 18 months, along with a clean H2 fuel generation facility, to support initial FCEV rollouts. Zero-emission, H2-fuelled FCEVs are entering markets globally and will help Canada meets its clean air and carbon emission reduction targets.

In a press release, HTEC said partnerships are critical in the transition to a clean-energy future and it is proud to be working with organisations like Shell and others to turn H2 vision into reality.

LGM Financial Services (LGM), a finance and insurance company supplying Canada’s automotive sector, played a critical role as an early sponsor of the network, moving the first station from concept to construction. The network is also made possible by support from Western Economic Diversification Canada’s WINN program, the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEMPR) Clean Vehicle Program and Low Carbon Fuel Regulations, and Natural Resources Canada’s Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative. 

Colin Armstrong, HTEC’s President and CEO, enthused, “We couldn’t lead the rollout of H2 infrastructure in Canada without partners. Organisations and people who share our vision for a better future; who are committed to H2 as a transport fuel; who are putting cars on the road; and who are investing in infrastructure and Canadian innovation to make it all happen.”