Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is rapidly becoming an essential climate change solution. With the Global CCS Institute announcing that its membership now includes 100 organisations, rapid decarbonisation of the atmosphere is becoming a priority for international industry and government.

In the past 24 months, the Global CCS Institute, whose mission statement is, “to accelerate the deployment of CCS”, has seen its membership increase 69%.

Global CCS Institute CEO, Brad Page, said, “The recent growth in our membership reflects the expanding commitments of governments and businesses around the world to deep decarbonisation.”

“Despite all the challenges of the last 18 months, our members have demonstrated their unflagging support for climate action, for CCS, and for the work of the Institute.”

Jeff Erikson, General Manager for Client Engagement at the Institute, added, “These 100 entities – governments, businesses, technology and service providers, research institutions – are the ones that are making it happen.”

“They are creating an industry that will advance the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

As the world’s leading CCS think tank, the Institute continues to work with and on behalf of its members to drive the adoption of CCS as quickly and cost effectively as possible in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.