Hulett Cylinders, a division of Hulett Aluminium, was established in 1973 when Armscor (The Armaments Corporation of South Africa) asked Hulett Aluminium to produce strong alloy seam-free tubes.

The company entered production in 1974, manufacturing both seam-free tubes and high precision components for specialised applications in the local market.

Later the company began producing components for the automotive markets and then high-pressure seamless gas cylinders.

The Hulett Aluminium head office and Hulett Cylinders's production facility is located in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, near to Durban, a major shipping port on the east coast of South Africa.

This facility provides a factory space of approximately 3000m2. Depending on the product mix, Hulett Cylinders's capacity is about 450,000 to 500,000 units per annum. As a division of Hulett Aluminium, Hulett Cylinders employs 40 people.

Markets and regions served
Hulett Cylinders now specialises in design and manufacture of aluminium high-pressure seamless gas cylinders. The markets served include medical, industrial, scuba, beverage and fire safety. The company has a wide range of sizes and diameters to suit most customer requirements.

Almost 80 percent of Hulett Cylinders's production is exported to countries worldwide. Nearly two thirds is destined for the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. The company serves well-known companies such as Air Products, Air Liquide and Linde.

Today Hulett Cylinders is a significant global player in the manufacturing and supply of high-pressure aluminium gas cylinders. Its philosophy is based on long-term partnerships with customers and unlimited customer care.

Operating from one plant, the company has most of the worldwide required certifications and approvals. Hulett cylinders are being produced in accordance with ISO9001:2000 and other required international standards, directives and regulations.
Apart from ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, the company's priority in the future will be to expand both its product range and its geographic presence.

A spokesperson said: $quot;The beverage market is a big attraction for us, but we also want to offer more sizes within the markets we currently serve.$quot;

Consistent growth among competitors
Since Hulett started manufacturing and supplying high pressure cylinders, it has shown consistent and steady growth. Hulett Cylinders has competitors based in the US, Asia and Europe. Some of these competitors have multiple production sites.

Hulett Cylinders' mission is to consolidate its position as Sub-Saharan Africa's leading high pressure cylinder manufacturer with an ongoing strategy to develop the African market for aluminium high pressure cylinders and to supply quality cylinders to local and export customers with the highest of service levels.

Hulett Cylinders history
1973 - Hulett Cylinders was
1974 - The production of 27mm seamfree tubes commenced at the company's first site.
1986-7 - Production peaked.
1989-90 - The demand for defence items started dropping.
1990-94 - Manufacturing aluminium cans for motorcar oil and fuel filters.
1990 - Manufacture of high pressure cylinders commenced.
1998 - The first container load of 2kg and 5kg top quality CO2 cylinders was exported.
2002 - Due to the focus being on the manufacture of cylinders, the Special Products name was replaced by the name Hulett Cylinders.