Hummingbird Sensing Technology, Servomex’s sensor technology brand, has attended the Queen’s Award ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

The East Sussex, England, based company received the accolade earlier this year, after demonstrating significant growth in international trade over the last six years.

Chris Edwards, Technical Manager for Hummingbird Sensing Technology said, “We are incredibly humbled by this award and I am privileged to have represented Hummingbird to receive this award which has come as a result of the tremendous hard work by so many.”

The Prince of Wales was in attendance at the reception, held at the London royal residence, to meet all of the award winners.

The expert manufacturer of gas sensors for medical and industrial applications, partially put their growth down to the company’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, when Hummingbird implemented a three-year development program over the course of just 14 weeks in order to developed a faster-to-produce model of the Paramagnetic oxygen sensor for non-medical OEM customers.

Edwards added, “This award is for everyone who gave so much of their time, working so diligently, and demonstrates that our approach to the pandemic was the right course of action as we sought to meet the increased demand for our critical care medical devices while also delivering to our non-medical OEM customers.”