The new Paracube® Micro oxygen sensor from HUMMINGBIRD Sensing Technology delivers both the substantial cost savings and minimal maintenance requirements to make it the ideal choice for integration into Fixed Point oxygen monitoring systems.

Designed for use in life critical applications with industry-leading levels of linearity, accuracy and reliability, HUMMINGBIRD Sensing Technology’s latest generation Paramagnetic sensor demonstrates several important advantages over traditional technologies to offer users an ultra-low cost of lifetime ownership.

The Micro’s non-consumable design ensures longevity and eliminates the costs associated with the regular replacement of electrochemical, galvanic or fuel cells, as well as the recognised problems of cell degradation when in use or` kept as a stock item.

As the Micro’s paramagnetic measurement stability also eliminates the requirement for frequent calibration, users avoid frequent labour and downtime costs, incurred either when a traditional cell is calibrated or replaced due to anticipated expiration or sudden failure.

“End-users have had to endure the inherent problems associated with traditional cell technologies for a long time, but the Micro’s Paramagnetic technologies remove the problems of cell degradation, calibration and downtime at a stroke,” said Tommy Mikhail, Key Account Manager for HUMMINGBIRD Sensing Technology

“And aside from the considerable cost savings to be made, the inherent reliability of the Micro delivers ongoing peace-of-mind for users of all fixed point monitoring.”

Assembled to the highest build quality at HUMMINGBIRD’s state-of-the-art ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility, full ROHS and WEEE compliance brings the Micro into line with the major environmental directives and other regional legislative requirements.