The forthcoming Paracube® Micro from Hummingbird Sensing Technology appears ready to set new standards for oxygen sensors in critical care medical applications.

Combining Servomex’s leading gas analysis technologies with cutting-edge manufacturing and design, Hummingbird’s Paracube® Micro will deliver outstanding performance from a new compact unit.

The Micro’s ‘next-generation’ design ethos will offer a degree of system integration, flexibility, compliance and reliability described as ‘currently unrivalled’ in the OEM oxygen sensor market.

With more than 20 years experience in supplying gas sensors to the medical sector, Hummingbird Sensing Technology is a division of Servomex, a leading expert in gas analysis. To that end, the Micro utilises Servomex’s proven paramagnetic oxygen cell technology to offer ultra high levels of linearity, accuracy and reliability.

The product offers a full measurement range of 0-100% of oxygen.

With the non-consumable design ensuring zero ongoing cost of ownership and the elimination of daily calibration due to measurement stability, the Micro offers easy integration within critical care ventilators, anatomical anaesthesia, patient monitoring and other life critical healthcare applications. It can also be used in a variety of industrial applications including area monitoring and general gas analysis.

“The Paracube® Micro is a truly cutting-edge sensor that utilises the best possible technologies and techniques available today,” says Chris Cottrell, Managing Director of Servomex.

“By listening to the voice of the customer during the development of Micro, Servomex has produced a product which not only redefines current expectations and performance in the current OEM market, but anticipates all requirements for oxygen analysis system design in the foreseeable future.”